by NorthPrint3D


This adhesive was specially formulated for use with FFF 3D printers, to help adhere the prints to the print bed. The adhesive is made with a base of water and Isopropyl Alcohol, with a blend of 2 water soluble polymers. These polymers are often used in hair gel and glue sticks.


There are currently 2 types of the adhesive

The first is called “Standard”, which is to be used with most surfaces and most materials.

The second is called “Strong”, which was specifically designed to have a higher adhesion force for bare, uncoated bare steel sheets. Strong will destroy glass and pei-covered bedsheets.

Both of these variants typically self-release when cool. However, it is not always the case.

How to apply

The best way to apply is to dispense an amount on a cold bed, spread it around evenly with tool of choice, and then heat the bed to dry the adhesive.

The tool is usually a foam brush, but you can use a regular brush, a squeegee, or anything else.

The bed temperature for drying is usually 100c.

How to renew the surface

One does not need to reapply the adhesive every print. The adhesive usually lasts several prints, especially if you let the bed completely cool after the print.

If you would like to refresh the surface, you may use some water, preferably distilled, or Isopropyl Alcohol, and spread the adhesive that remained on the bed into a more even layer.

You may add more adhesive to the already dry adhesive, and it will wet the surface and help redistribute the previous layer of adhesive.

If you would like to start from scratch again, wash your surface with water and you’re good to start a fresh application.


Do not consume.

Do not allow to get in your eyes.


Standard SDS PDF

Strong SDS PDF